Verify your Identity

A simple & quick way to verify your identity!
Polkassembly now enables users to verify their on-chain credentials with ease for Polkadot!
Simply click on the profile dropdown in your nav bar & start the process to set / verify your on chain identity!
Step 1 -> Choose the address you would like to set your identity for
Step 2 -> After ensuring you have the minimum balance, you can proceed forward with adding your display name, legal name & social identities. Once you sign a transaction here, your identity data will be added but you will need to request for judgement
Step 3 -> You will be required to authorize / prove that you have access to the social handles you have mentioned to request judgement upon them. This is done via basic web2 authorization flows.
Step 4 -> Once you have received judgement, a green check mark will start appearing next to your name in across the site indicating that you have a verified identity.
Attached is a video demo for accessing or setting your identity easily