Sign Up & Log In

Staring your Polkassembly Journey

Polkassembly allows users to sign up by two methods - Email Address and Web3 Wallet

How to reach log in and sign up page?

  • Use the navigation panel on the top to head over to the login tab for the network you have selected

  • You can click on the sign up button if you do not have a registered account with either your email address or your wallet

Sign up with Email Address

  • The sign up is a simple two step process

    • Provide a username and email address which you would like to use

    • Set the password that you prefer

Signing up or Logging in with Web3 Wallets

  • You will be required to install the respective Web3 wallet you want to use prior to logging in or signing up with Polkassembly

  • Once you sign up with the required account

    • If it is a success, you will be required to add the password to your PolkadotJS wallet so that you can complete the process

  • Please note, for a majority of the networks, your sign up and log in process for Web3 Wallets is merged. In case it is not, please ensure you sign up with a new wallet, before you try to log in using it.

How to log back into Polkassembly?

  • Leverage the user name or web3 wallet you used while signing in, to log back into Polkassembly!

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