Decoding a Democracy Proposal

The information about a proposal is divided into four sections -


  • This section is used to provide the complete context about the proposal and enable the community to discuss about it


  • The timeline provides a view of the timestamps of when a proposal was initiated as a discussion, followed by its evolution through various stages of a proposal and potentially its culmination into a referendum

On Chain Information

  • The entire metadata and on chain arguments for a proposal can be viewed in this section

  • Users can also look at earlier proposals proposed by the author, and do their due diligence from this section

Endorsement Information

  • Deposit is the original amount deposited by the proposer

  • Anyone who wishes to endorse this proposal needs to match the amount

  • The number of addresses that endorse a proposal are listed under Endorsed By

  • Locked KSM is the total amount of KSM that is bonded by the endorsers. The proposal with the highest amount of endorsed or bonded support proceeds into the referendum phase in the next enactment cycle

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