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Votes, Timers & Thresholds in OpenGov!

Empowering Governance in Polkadot!
Voting in Polkadot OpenGov is a novel concept which aims at making Governance smarter, democratic & transparent.
You can refer to details of how this voting works here -
Or, you could simply jump on to Polkassembly's interface where we educate users about the details regarding voting in a simple & hands on manner!
Question 1 -> Which stage is the referendum in?
  • Any time you need help to understand which stage a referendum is in & what does it signify, click on the stage number to gain an insight into what each stage signifies
Question 2 -> Is the referendum passing? How do we know this?
  • For a referendum to pass, both its approval & support need to be above the thresholds specified for the track.
  • They need to ensure that they remain greater than the threshold for the confirmation period
Polkassembly offers an insight into the status of a referendum & its historical data. It helps identify inflection points like whale votes through the journey of a referendum build transparency in the governance process