Let's add an IRL event!

Why are IRL events needed?

Each network's community works very hard to ensure it can reach out to maximum people and build towards widespread adoption.

A very powerful tool for achieving this goal is real life events which may be hosted online or offline!

These events need very large outreach to ensure that the network and its community can yield maximum benefits from the considerable resources required to host it. Polkassembly would love to do its bit to boost this outreach

How can we add IRL events to Polkassembly?

The process is rather simple and we will guide you through it!

  1. Use the navigation panel on the extreme left to head over to the Calendar tab for the network you have selected

2. Click on the create event button on the top right hand corner of the page

3. You can pop in the details regarding the kind of event you would be hosting and the details for it.

4. The admin of the respective network would then receive the option to approve this email and add the event to the network's calendar!

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