Creating a Referendum on Polkassembly

It is now easier than ever

It is now time to get away from all the complexity! Please leverage this twitter thread or follow the steps below to create your first proposal on OpenGov for Polkadot & Kusama

Leverage Polkassembly's super intuitive & powerful interface to create proposals in three quick steps πŸš€

Step 1 ->

Hop on to or .

Click on the Floating Action Button (FAB) & create your first discussion post.

Gathering feedback via a discussion before creating a proposal leads to higher chances of it passing!

Step 2 ->

After initial feedback, proceed with linking your discussion post to the proposal you will be creating! Nudges along the way ensure you follow the right steps!

Step 3 ->

Add the address/es which should receive funds. @polk_gov makes adding multiple beneficiaries super easy! Your track selection will be done automatically based on the amount you enter Create the preimage & confirm if everything is right in the summary.

Ensure you have also verified your identity before you proceed and preferably leveraged a multisignature account

Step 4 ->

Take your referendum live with a single click by creating the proposal!

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