Creating a Treasury Proposal

To create a referendum for Polkadot or Kusama please navigate to the link above. The process below outlines how to create referenda for other chains




The proposer has to deposit a minimum of 100 DOT or 5% of the requested amount with a maximum cap of 500 DOT as an anti-spam measure. This amount is burned if the proposal is rejected, or refunded otherwise. These values are subject to governance so they may change in the future.

Please note that there is no way for a user to revoke a treasury proposal after it has been submitted. The Council will either accept or reject the proposal, and if the proposal is rejected, the bonded funds are burned.

Announcing the Proposal​

To minimize storage on chain, proposals don't contain contextual information. When a user submits a proposal, they need an off-chain way to explain the proposal. Most discussion takes place on the following platforms:

  • The Polkassembly discussion platform that allows users to log in with their Web3 address and automatically reads proposals from the chain, turning them into discussion threads. It also offers a sentiment gauge poll to get a feel for a proposal before committing to a vote.

  • Many community members participate in discussion in the Kusama Element (previously Riot) chat or Polkadot Element.

Creating the Proposal​

  • Community Members have multiple ways to start a treasury proposal

    • 1st - Start an on chain proposal which will be automatically shown on Polkassembly (refer here)

    • 2nd - Start a proposal directly on Polkassembly

Creating a Proposal​ using Polkassembly

Creating a treasury proposal on Polkassembly is very simple.

  1. Use the navigation panel on the extreme left to head over to the Treasury Proposals tab for the network you have selected

  2. Click on the Add New Proposal button

  3. Link your treasury proposal to the discussion post created for community deliberation (optional)

  4. Fill up the form and lock your deposit to create the proposal!

    • Remember that the proposal has no metadata, so it's up to the proposer to create a description and purpose that the Council could study and base their votes on.

  5. Add a description and title to share contextual information

How does a proposal get accepted / rejected?

After the creation of a proposal, a Council member can create a motion to accept or to reject the treasury proposal. It is possible that one motion to accept and another motion to reject are both created. The proportions to accept and reject Council proposals vary between accept or reject, and possibly depend on which network the Treasury is implemented.

The threshold for accepting a treasury proposal is at least three-fifths of the Council. On the other hand, the threshold for rejecting a proposal is at least one-half of the Council.

Once a Treasury Proposal is picked up for voting by the council, it is visible as a Council Motion (Treasury). On approval, funds are directly sent to the users. It does not become a referendum.

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