User Profile

A user's profile at Polkassembly is representative of their on chain and off chain actions. All profiles for users are public and are 100% transparent. This helps build accountability for users, as their actions have meaning.

What all can I observe on the profile page for a user?

A user's profile can be broken down into two broad parts ->

  • Identity, Socials & Addresses ->

    1. A user's on chain identity is one of the primary trust symbols on Polkassembly. All verified details for users with on chain identities can be found in the on chain identity section

    2. In addition to this, Polkassembly also shows the latest information on a user's non verified social handles below their username

    3. You can look at all linked addresses of a user in this section, which are leveraged to populate their entire on chain activity

  • Activity -> The on chain + off chain activity is broken into 4 broad sections -

    1. Collectives -> consisting of Council Motions and Tech Committee Proposals created by the user

    2. Democracy -> consisting of Proposals and Referenda created by the user

    3. Discussions -> consisting of all off chain discussion posts created by the user

    4. Treasury -> consisting of bounties, tips and treasury proposals, all of which are linked to the treasury funding ecosystem, tech and product developments!

With the launch of OpenGov, You can now find the option to not only look at historical Gov1 data, but also the new data from user activity related to OpenGov!

Leverage the dropdown to explore more!

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