Creating a Democracy Proposal


Anyone can propose a referendum by depositing the minimum amount of tokens for a certain period (number of blocks). If someone agrees with the proposal, they may deposit the same amount of tokens to support it - this action is called endorsing.

Please note, presently democracy proposals cannot be created via Polkassembly.

The proposal with the highest amount of bonded support will be selected to be a referendum in the next voting cycle.

Note that this may be different from the absolute number of endorsements; for instance, three accounts bonding 20 DOT each would "outweigh" ten accounts bonding a single DOT each

  • The bonded tokens will be released once the proposal is tabled (that is, brought to a vote).

  • There can be a maximum of 100 public proposals in the proposal queue.

Once a Democracy Proposal gets accepted by the council, it becomes a Referedum

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